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Windows 8.1 APP
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Windows 8.1 APP

Windows 8.1 Support

Design Interactive Apps For PCs, Tablets & Smartphones

  • Social Leaderboard
  • Keep your users engaged with Social Leaderboard, having rich set of features
  • Easily integrate your games with Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms
  • Create Leaderboards based on Buddy List or Yearly/Daily/ Weekly Scores & Rankings
  • NoSQL Storage
  • NoSQL Storage- Have hassle free, highly available & scalable installations
  • Store, update and search JSON documents
  • Map-reduce search on stored documents with powerful query interface
  • Strong security with underlying App42 platform
  • Custom Code
  • Do not need to invest in dedicated servers, significant savings on recurring cloud expenditure
  • Write and push your own server code on our cloud
  • Empowered with our REST security model to keep your code secure
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