Getting Started with Ruby

Register and Create App

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to get started with the App42 platform

bullet Register with the App42 platform

bullet Create an App once you are on Quick-start page (after registration)

bullet If you are already registered, login to theAppHQ console and create an App from the App Manager -> Create App link.

bullet Once the App is created, you will get an ApiKey/SecretKey that you will use in your App for initialization of the SDK.

Download and Set up SDK

bullet Include App42_RUBY_SDK gem in your application Gemfile

bullet run “bundle update” command which will update all your gem dependencies to their latest versions

bullet Now Create a YML file app42baas.yml inside the config folder of the application, which looks like:

    api_key: "your api key"
    secret_key: "your secret key"
    api_key: "your api key"
    secret_key: "your secret key"

bullet Now create a second file in the config/initializers folder e.g. app42_load.rb and paste the following code inside that app42_load.rb

require 'App42_RUBY_SDK'
APP_CONFIG = YAML.load_file("#{Rails.root}/config/app42baas.yml")[Rails.env]

Initialize SDK

You have to instantiate ServiceAPI class and pass your ApiKey/SecretKey to initialize the SDK.

   serviceAPI ="<YOUR_API_KEY>","<SECRET_KEY>") ;

Using App42 Services

Once you have initialized your SDK with the API Key/SecretKey you have to build the target service that you want to use in your App. For example, User Service can be built with following snippet. Similarly you can build other services with the same notation. Want to know about all the services of App42 Platform? Click Here

//Build User Service
userService = serviceAPI.buildUserService();  
// Using userService reference, you should be able to call all its methods like create user/update user/authenticate etc.
//Build Storage Service
storageService = serviceAPI.buildStorageService();  
// Using storageService reference, you should be able to call all its methods like insert/save/update/delete etc for JSON objects.
//Similarly you can build other services like App42API.buildXXXXService()


bullet Go To Creating App User for learning App User Management


bullet Go To Saving App Data to learn about App Data Storage.