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User Management

  • Hassle free User Management with secure authentication and authorization
  • No backend and server setup required
  • Manage your app users using API or AppHQ UI Console
  • Extend User Profile as much as you want


  • On the fly database creation for your app on the cloud
  • Store app data in JSON objects at App42 Cloud in Single API call
  • Powerful Query Interface to fetch your stored JSON data
  • Support of Map Reduce on your stored JSON data

Push Notification

  • Get started without any backend setup
  • Send Cross platform Push messages with single API Call
  • Supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Supports Channel Subscription mode of message delivery

File Storage

  • Upload file in App42 Cloud with Single API call
  • Data ubiquity with auto App42 CDN Service
  • File Upload Supports all formats, including Audio/Video/Text or other format
  • Serve uploaded file to your app users using CDN network

Custom Code

  • No infrastructure worries
  • Extend your app functionality with the power of Custom Code
  • Create and Deploy your Server Side Custom Code in few commands
  • Write it using your very own powerful JAVA platform

Session Management

  • Do persistent session management for native apps
  • Easy to use Key-Value based attribute persistence
  • Cross platform support
  • Unlimited attribute persistence for your app

Geo Spatial

  • Create your own Geo Spatial Database
  • Insert unlimited geo points using API/ AppHQ console UI
  • Search nearby points within given radius
  • Search points in ascending order of distance from given point


  • Unified logging for you app
  • Remotely debug your app errors
  • See all your apps logs inside AppHQ console
  • Multiple levels like info, debug, fatal, error etc


  • Recommendation based on customer id, item id and the preference of the customer for a particular Item
  • Finds similarity based on on Users and Item Similarity which finds similarity based on Items
  • Implementation using EuclideanDistanceSimilarity and PearsonCorrelationSimilarity Algorithms
  • This preference file has to be uploaded once which can be a batch process


  • Simple scoring apis to persist your users scores on our cloud
  • Simple leader board apis to see your apps overall leader boards
  • Filter leader boards based on time to show weekly and daily top scores
  • Filter top scores by user groups to show top scores based on users buddy list


  • Create Review and Rating on your app item
  • Get average, highest and lowest review and rating in Single API call
  • Cross platform support
  • Readymade backend for review and rating

Shopping Cart/E-commerce

  • Get started without any backend setup
  • Create cart, add item in single API call
  • Maintain the status of cart
  • No need to do explicit session management for cart status


  • Create full fledged item inventory without any backend setup
  • Easy to use API to manage catalogue items
  • Manage your catalogue inventory using API/ AppHQ console
  • Support of extension for meta information of catalogue

Image Processor

  • Single API call to resize/crop/scale an image
  • Easy accessibility of converted images available on App42 CDN network
  • Cross platform support
  • Make user interactive gallery apps


  • Give power of Social Connect to your App without any backend
  • Share your status in one go on linkedin, twitter and facebook
  • Close integration with App42 Backend as a Service Gaming APIs
  • Integrate App42 Social APIs along with any social networking site like facebook, linkedin or Twitter


  • Send Email from your App with App42 SDKs
  • Create multiple template for sending Emails
  • Manage your email configuration form AppHQ console
  • Cross platform support


  • Give power of asynchronous messaging to your app
  • Create offline chat application with few API calls
  • Show unread message notification in your app
  • Make challenge based games using message queue

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