App42 Ecosystem

App42 is Shephertz’ PaaS offering, which provides a complete ecosystem for App developers to develop, host, run and manage their applications on the cloud. The App42 ecosystem consists of multiple components. The heart of the system is the App42 Unified Platform, which provides an environment to deploy Apps on the Cloud and use Cloud Technical and Business Services to develop applications. The platform from ground up is developed to support multiple technology platforms, languages and client device types i.e. Mobile, Web (SaaS, Enterprise, E-commerce sites etc.) and TV Apps.

App42 Cloud API's

The App42 Cloud API's consists of REST based services which has a JSON and XML interface. There are around 18+ modules with over 300+ API's e.g. User, Session Management, Storage, Recommendation, Photo Gallery, Queue / Message, Game, Geo Spatial, AppTab - Subscription & Billing Engine etc. which will help developers to develop their applications irrespective of the type of App they are developing. SDK's are provided for all the popular languages and platforms which will enable easy integration of the API's into the App code. With just a few lines of code, the App developer gets access to services from a simple to complex/technical as well as business services.


AppHQ - App42 Management Console

The App42 Management Console is an Admin UI interface allowing App developers to create Apps and manage them. It also allows viewing of the content created by the usage of API. For e.g. if an album is created in gallery and photos are added to it, all the album information and photo information which are stored on the cloud will be visible on AppHQ. Only view and delete functionality is supported in this release. For a few services like Queue, AppTab - Usage based Charging Scheme, Email Configuration, Add functionality is supported. It also gives detailed reporting on charging usage for AppTab for various types of schemes e.g. Level, Feature, Storage, Bandwidth, License etc. Complete API usage information sorted by Operation and Service wise can be viewed. Soon, the payment and billing API's will be provided and visible through AppHQ.


AppHawk - Cloud Project Management and Collaboration Service

Our endeavor is to make the App developer successful. One of the tools which every App developer requires is a tool to manage the project users, tasks, requirements, increments, estimation, costing, documents and collaboration tools for communication and sharing information. AppHawk does just that, with no frills and fancies. It gives a simple intuitive interface, using which an App Developer can start managing his projects in a few minutes.
Apart from managing users, requirements, increments, estimation, Tasks, To-do’s, it also allows the App developer to do cost estimation for Cloud Resources, which has recurring cost e.g. Cloud Datacenter, AppStore/Market Place cost etc. For all App42 Cloud API registered users, currently AppHawk is a free service for 3 projects and unlimited users.
Developers who just want to use AppHawk, can access it directly from . Currently we are in Beta hence it is free for 3 Projects and unlimited users.


Federated, Shared and Dedicated Cloud Containers (Coming Soon)

This type of applications will be supported in the near future. These applications will provide deployment of Apps on our containers, where the lifecycle of the Applications will be managed by us. The degree of management will be dependent on which type of Container they wish to deploy on. We have finished the development of these components and are currently in the System Testing phase. Please watch this space in the coming weeks.


AppClay - Mobile App Generator

Create HTML5 and Android Mobile applications on the fly in just a few minutes. Generate applications using our intuitive App Creation Wizard. Add widgets for Listing, Photo Gallery, YouTube, Flickr, Map, Social Connect - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Audio & Video listing and player etc. Select the layout color from multiple color schemes and change the color of the App. No Technical knowledge required. no coding. Go live with an App in a jiffy!


AppWarp -

AppWarp is a massive multi-player virtual world platform. As a developer, you just need to call AppWarp's powerful client-side APIs and instantly develop multi-user interactive virtual world applications. Build your custom logic on virtual rooms and lobbies where users can interact. SDKs are available for all the popular platforms such as Java, iOS and Windows Phone.