Game with App42 API & AS3

Make Web Apps and Games with App42 API
and AS3

  • Create Web based games and Apps without need of any backend with AS3 & App42
  • Supports Flash, Flixel, Starling and Adobe Air
  • Check the complete AS3 and App42 Docs here
  • Check sample game of Snake

User Management

  • Hassle free User Management with secure authentication and authorization
  • No backend and server setup required
  • Manage your App users using API or AppHQ UI Console
  • Extend User Profile as much as you want
  • Create user engaging Apps with easy to use APIs
User Management
NoSQL Storage - ActionScript3

NoSQL Storage - Store your JSON App Data

  • NoSQL storage on the cloud so that you don’t have to manage high available and scalable installations
  • Store, update and search JSON documents
  • Map-reduce search on stored documents with powerful query interface
  • Strong security out of the box with underlying App42 platform

Customized Social Leaderboard

  • Customizable Leaderboard with rich set of features to get your users to interact and stay engaged
  • Integrate your games with Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. Have a Leaderboard among your connected friends from social platforms
  • Create Leaderboards based on Global/Daily/Weekly Scores or Rankings or based on Buddy List
Customized Social Leaderboard  - ActionScript3
Reward Management  - ActionScript3

Reward Management

  • Increase your game’s active game play time with Reward Management
  • Complete Reward Management system to allow users to unlock levels,
    purchase in-app items
  • Collectable rewards like virtual currencies, discount offers and goods etc.
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