What is A/B Testing?

A simple way to compare two versions of a user interface and analyze, which one performs better. Understand user behavior, Take informed decisions.

AB Testing

Why App42 A/B Testing ?

Take informed decisions

  • AB testing

    A/B Testing

    • You can add multiple variants at a time to test
    • Define multiple variables for each variant to change them in real-time
    • Optimize your app using the report

    Data Driven Testing

    • Turn the variant as 'default' that successfully stands A/B Testing
    • 100% traffic distribution
    • Experiment, analyze results & optimize the app for better traction
    • Graphical representation of definition
  • free integration

    Easy & Free Integration

    • Free for App42 registered users
    • Easy to define tests, variants and variables through AppHQ.
    • Well defined steps for APIs to start
    • Check A/B Testing documentation.
AB testing Tutorials
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