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App42 Cloud API Services
Supported SDKs

Integrate the Frontend of your App with our Backend within minutes and get started

App42 Features


    Track App events, real-time sessions and segment users. Analyze page views, clicks/downloads, Open/Close/Installs/DAU, user activity & Today's Trending Actions. Engage App users using Push/Email/In-App Messaging & social messaging.

  • Push Notifications

    Single unified API to send push notifications across platforms. Add channels for targeted Push Notifications. Comprehensive Push Notification analytics. Schedule and send push notifications through AppHQ Console.

  • Platform for indie developers

    Build Apps for all domains e.g. Gaming, Entertainment, Enterprise, Utility, Social, News etc. of varying complexity - from simple to enterprise grade Apps.


    Get insight on your App usage and user behavior. Take informed decisions based on reports and intuitive graphs for User, App & Demographic Data.


    Develop and deploy your own REST API in minutes. Enhance and customize our APIs as per your requirement. Integrate with external systems/APIs Run Custom business logic and schedule events using App42 Cloud Scheduler.

  • NoSQL Storage - Store your JSON App Data

    NoSQL storage on the cloud so that you don’t have to manage high available and scalable installations. Powerful query builder in your preferred native SDK. Integrated NoSQL APIs with Geo and Social integrations


    Integrate Cross Platform Social Leaderboard, Buddy, Avatar, Reward & Achievement Management. Leverage Social Connect service and Push Notification to increase engagement and virality.


    Complete solution to increase user engagement through Social APIs, Push Notification, Recommendation engine, Review/Rating, Funnel Management, Analytics, A/B Testing, Detailed Graphs and Schedulers.

  • Powerful Management console

    A successful and interactive management tool that enables you to manage App's features and App as a whole on Management HQ Console.


    Don’t have to pay high infrastructure cost to begin. Start with plans, which are as low as 49.00 Dollars. FREE Packages for Indie Developers. Customize your plans as per the requirement through our Enterprise plans.

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